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State of New Jersey Safety Inspections and Regulations

In New Jersey inflatable amusement rides are governed by the Department of Community affairs Carnival and Amusement Ride Devision. New Jersey is one of the strictest states with inflatable safety regulations. The state requires that all inflatables be NJ Type Certified. This means that the manufacture needed to submit engineered plans to the state for approval for each inflatable. Not all manufactures are NJ Type Certified and even if the manufacture does have some NJ Type Certifications they may not have them for every inflatable they manufacture.

Once you purchase a NJ Type Certified inflatable you still need to have it registered and inspected by the state every year to ensure quality and safety. Before you can register any inflatable you need to provide the state with proof of insurance for the upcoming year. Inspections are typically done in early spring. At Party Works Rentals we set up all of the inflatables and the state sends an inspector to look each one over for any safety issues. The inspector checks to make sure height requirements are marked on each unit, that the cords are in good repair and plugged into a GFCI, that all the seems are intact and not stretched, that all the netting is in good condition without holes, that there are safety exits on the roofs of the inflatables, that there is no damage to the inflatable or if there was any damage that it had been professionally repaired and not quickly fixed with duck tape or a similar product. They look for many other things also but this will give you a good idea.

Once the inspection is complete and the inflatable has passed the inspector will place a clear pouch with a metal tag and inspection approval on each inflatable. If you ever rent a bounce house you want to make sure it has a current NJ State Inspection tag to ensure your safety.

Party Works Rentals preforms routine inspections after every rental to ensure the same safety and quality standards are being meet. We will never deliver a damaged or unsafe unit to any client. We treat every rental as if our kids would be the ones using it.

The state published a list of all the currently registered and inspected inflatables and rides by owner in a publication on their website that is updated every Monday. The list can be found here.

Now that you know a little more about the inspection and registration process in New Jersey we hope that you feel even more confident about booking with us. Your satisfaction and safety are always our top priorities. To find out more please call us at 609-694-8348 or email us at

Party Works Rentals does not preform state inspections. We just comply with all local laws and bring the equipment that will make your next party awesome!

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