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My name is Halley Beam and I am the owner of Party Works Rentals. I am the mother of four young boys and like you I have tried everything to give my boys the perfect birthday party. After trying all the popular birthday venues I was always left feeling rushed and disappointed by the cost of the event. As any parent knows it is often difficult to get children to RSVP to parties and many times you are left paying for children who do not attend.

In 2019 I decided to try something new and rented an obstacle course, cotton candy machine and snow cone machine for my oldest sons birthday. This was by far the best party my son had ever had. He and his friends were able to spend hours playing on the inflatable and enjoying their treats without the constant need to switch rooms or activities. It also had the added benefit of costing the same no matter how many children attended.

While I was very pleased with the party I saw some things could be improved. I had to go to a party rental company to get the snow cone and cotton candy machines and then take them back. The inflatable was in “ok” condition but you could tell it was well worn. I wanted to make the process even easier and more enjoyable so other parents could experience the same success I had and help make the child's event even better than they had hoped. I wanted to be able to deliver high quality bounce houses and easy to use concessions to everyone in the area.

I took my savings and invested in 6 inflatables, 6 concession machines, a dunk tank and a trailer. In the spring of 2020 Party Works Rentals opened for business. I took additional safety training courses and ensured every state regulation was meet or exceeded before opening to make sure that I would be able to offer the best possible product and service in the safest way possible. I still go on many deliveries ensuring that every inflatable is in good condition, clean, properly set up and completely safe. I make sure to go over every detail with each customer to ensure their party is a complete success.

Even though 2020 was a difficult year, Party Works Rentals saw success. I reinvested in the company and purchased 3 new inflatables for the 2021 season. I purchased 2 new wet/dry combos and a wet/dry dual lane slide that my customers had been asking for. All of Party Works Rentals inflatables are made of high quality vinyl, commercial grade and manufactured in the USA to ensure that all ASTM standards are meet.

Party Works Rentals was started to bring excitement and joy to children of all ages, including the “young at heart”. All of your inflatables are able to be used by kids and adults, although not at the same time. Some inflatables are better for teens and adults so if you have any questions please call us at 609-694-8348 or email us at and we would be happy to provide a recommendation.

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